Rates We Charge

Initial In-Home Consultation  FREE

Before beginning service, we need to meet your pets and become familiar with their living space, toys, etc.  This consultation usually lasts 30-45 minutes  and is an opportunity for us all to get to know one another and get comfortable.  At this time, we will also get keys, set up your lockbox for onsite access to the home, and go over our policies and procedures for scheduling and payment.  A consultation is required for any new services / pets.  The initial consultation is free, but if but we do charge $20 as a refundable deposit for a lockbox.

Pet Sitting (~30 Minutes)  $25

Pet sitting for all kinds/multiple pets, in YOUR own home.  Visits include feeding, refreshing water, cleaning litter boxes, checking the home for any accidents and giving simple medications.  With extended care, our focus is on PET sitting, but if you need help with simple tasks that we can also do within a 30 minute visit, we can provide services such as collecting mail, opening/closing drapes, and watering a few plants. More extensive house sitting or plant/garden care would require additional fees. 

DOG Walking (~30 Minutes)  $22

Give your pooch a break in the day with our most popular / standard visit that lasts approximately 30 minutes.  It includes 20-25 minutes of walking/playtime.  If pets cannot be walked together or require more attention, additional fees may apply. Simple pet care such as feeding, refreshing water, giving simple medication, lots of petting/love/attention, and an update email, is included. The $22 rate is for M-F and visits begun after 9am and completed by 4pm.  On weekends and all other times, the rate is $24.

Express Visit (15-20 minutes)  $18 / $20

This rate is based on a shorter visits designed for quick potty breaks or for cats that might not be as social.  This shorter visit will only apply for a maximum of three pets and includes approximately 10 minutes of walking/playtime.  The $18 rate is for M-F and visits begun after 9am and completed by 4pm.  On weekends and all other times, the rate is $20.

Extended Visit (~45 minutes)  $28 / $30

This rate is based on a longer visits designed households with multiple pets, or for supplemental time for pets that need extra attention or activity.   This visit can be use for a variety of purposes (medication, playtime, separate walks), but generally will include about 30 minutes of walking/playtime.  The $28 rate is in conjunction with other visits during extended/vacation care, for stand alone visits/walks, the rate is $30.

Discounted Packages

Extended Care / Pet Sitting – $75/day – We recommend this package for our dog parents who will be away from the home for several days or more.  Includes two 30 min. visits (in the morning and night) and one longer visit (~50 min.) for playtime/walking.  For our canine friends, we guarantee that your dog will be visited with no longer than 12 hours (usually 10 hours) between the last night time visit and the next morning visit.

Additional Fees

If additional service or time is necessary because of additional pets/medications etc., there may be additional fees.  Here is a list of the most common:

  • Less than 24 hours booking/administrative fee $10/visit
  • Subcutaneous fluids  $10
  • Additional pets (4+) / Extra time (~10 min)  $5
  • Key pick up (if not made available at consultation)  $15
  • Extra home care (watering more than 5 plants/gardens, etc. ~15 min.)  $10
  • Buying extra food/litter  $10 *** plus cost of supplies  
  • Returned check fee $25
  • Extra travel/mileage outside of service area may also be an additional charge
  • Holidays (New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving and F-Su after, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and corresponding weekends before and after)  $5/visit